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Answering your frequently asked questions about push notifications

Nothing happens when I click action buttons on Android. Why?
Web push notification benchmarksWhat kind of results can you expect from web push notifications?
Global Impression Limit System (GIL)Read about our shared billing system that lets you share impressions across multiple stores.
Does PushOwl remove revenue attributed for the orders canceled on Shopify?
Migrating to a new Shopify theme.FAQ's on theme change on Shopify.
What is my Subscriber Gains negative?
Can I pause a scheduled campaign?
PushOwl Privacy Settings and GDPR Frequently Asked Questions
Have PushOwl run or not run on certain pagesThis article talks about the case where you want to whitelist or blacklist certain URLs for PushOwl to run on
Why do I see a popup for opt-in on my store(headless)?
Difference between web push notifications, app notifications, and on-site messagesUnderstand the difference between web push notifications, pop-ups, and other similar marketing messages
What does PushOwl use the browser storage for?PushOwl uses Cookies, Local storage and Session storage to keep certain data for functioning properly.
What cookies does PushOwl create on the store?
Importing subscribers from another platform to PushOwlHow to migrate subscribers from another platform to PushOwl
Browser prompt not showing on Firefox/Safarireason for native browser prompt (one-step) not showing on Firefox/Safari
Why am I not receiving notifications?Troubleshooting why you are not receiving web push notifications.
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) complianceWe actively take care of Accessibility in all our consumer-facing artifacts like opt-in prompts and the merchant-facing dashboard.
Is PushOwl slowing down my online store?PushOwl files on your store load in milliseconds and only once your store is done loading all other important files.
Annual BillingLearn about our annual billing plan and how you can switch to it
Billing FAQsEverything you need to know about billing for your PushOwl plan.
Does PushOwl Work with Third-Party Checkouts?
How does subscriber clean up work?Understand how to purge your inactive subscribers
How to apply a coupon code for PushOwl?Coupon codes are added on the pricing page inside the PushOwl dashboard.
Increase your Monthly Impression Limit with One-Time Top-Up ImpressionsLearn how to add extra impressions without upgrading to a new plan
Still getting subscribers after turning off opt-inLearn about different reasons why you could still be seeing subscriber growth after turning off opt-in on your store
File upload dialog doesn't show when uploading Hero imagesThis article tells you about a potential solution to fix the recent issues with file uploading in Mac OSX
The PushOwl app is showing as outdatedPushOwl app is shown as outdated and is not loading
Why don't notifications show up on the notification centre on Windows?Troubleshooting why you may not be seeing notifications on your screen on Windows
Why are my Safari subscribers receiving notifications with the wrong logo and name?Troubleshoot why your Safari subscribers may be receiving your notifications with the wrong logo and name.
I see a blank screen when opening PushOwlIf PushOwl fails to load for you and you see a blank screen
In-app browsers from social media apps don’t load the required code to collect web push subscribersFacebook, Twitter, and co. use their own in-app browsers that don't load the required JavaScript to show the native browser prompt.
My PushOwl upgrade link doesn't workTroubleshoot your upgrade link for PushOwl
Why do I receive 2 notifications when sending a campaign?You receive two notifications- from your store and from PushOwl- when you send a campaign.
Why am I not getting test notifications/live preview on my device?Troubleshooting why you are not receiving test notifications.
Blurred hero image in macOS
Troubleshooting with the PushOwl Onsite DebuggerHow to use the PushOwl Onsite Debugger to troubleshoot common issues with web push notifications on your Shopify store.
How to increase Shopify's rate limit (Shopify Plus only)Shopify only allows for 80 requests per minute for public apps. Using a private app and working with your MSM, this can be increased.
Why am I seeing a different domain?Your notifications show a different domain from your original store link. Here’s why.
Shopify’s Marketing Automation: Your Complete FAQ GuideEverything you need to know about Shopify's Marketing Automation - Dynamic tags, Reporting, Revenue attribution, and many more.
Is there a limit on the number of campaigns I can send or schedule?Learn about limits on sending and scheduling campaigns
Does PushOwl support AMP pages?
How does Pushowl obtain customer data such as name and email address?This article explains the scenarios in which Pushowl obtains customers’ personal data.
How to preview your store in android using desktop
Where does PushOwl store data?
Why do I see a banner saying - Additional Permission Required

What are Impressions?PushOwl uses impressions to track how your campaign delivers.
Theme App ExtensionHow do we enable Theme app extension?
Why is my automation paused?Troubleshoot why your automated notifications are not sending.
Importing Email or Shopify Subscribers to PushOwlAdding Email/SMS subscribers to PushOwl
Delivery Rate (Impressions/Subscribers) of Push NotificationsPush notification delivery rate is not 100%. There are a few reasons for that.
Why Can't I Stop a Campaign?Campaigns can't be paused or stopped once they are sent. Here's why.
Revenue Attribution from NotificationsPush notifications are bringing in revenue. But how is the revenue attributed?
Why am I seeing different revenue numbers on PushOwl and Google Analytics?
Why are my dashboard changes not reflecting on the store?Sometimes you make some changes on the dashboard like the opt-in prompt text, ACR timings etc but they don't show on the dashboard.
How to disable/downgrade PushOwl without uninstallingPausing your PushOwl account without having to uninstall
Disabling PushOwl in your store for debugging
Push Notification LengthCharacter lengths vary on different platforms. Read this guide so you don’t send half-baked notifications to your subscribers
Why am I receiving multiple notifications?Here's why you receive multiple notifications when sending one campaign.
My campaign is paused because I've run out of impressionsRead how to handle overconsumption of impressions
Adding a Coupon Code to Welcome NotificationHere's how you can add a coupon code to welcome notifications and reward new subscribers.
Adding Placeholders in Web Push CampaignsUnderstand how to add placeholders in your web push campaigns to personalize it.
Adding UTM parametersTrack the performance of your push notifications in your analytics dashboard by adding UTM parameters to your notifications.
How do I reset PushOwl for testing?Here's how you can reset your PushOwl data
Sharing Products from Shopify Dashboard to PushOwlEasily share products, collections, and gift cards as a push notification with a click of a button
How do I make sure that Opt-in Browser Prompt is translated in User's Local Language?The article describes in which cases is Opt-in Browser Prompt gets translated.
Using PushOwl on a Headless StoreHow to use PushOwl on a store whose frontend is not a native Shopify or BigCommerce frontend
Uninstalling PushOwlUninstalling PushOwl / Cancelling the subscription
How to disable the Flyout Widget (Bell Icon)?The bell icon/widget can be disabled based on its visibility on different pages.
New Dashboard: Campaign ChangesQuick overview on how you can create a campaign and what has changed from the old dashboard
Utilizing Pushowl/Brevo email events on a headless store