Let’s check out the different pages on the dashboard.


Here, you can check out your subscriber growth, total revenue, impressions consumed along with a summary of your last campaign.

Creating Campaign

You can easily create and send campaigns to your subscribers by clicking on the 'New Campaign' button. To create a campaign, there are 3 screens:

1. Campaign Details: Here, you can choose the type of campaign (regular or flash sale), when you want to send it, the segment you want to target, and enable smart delivery.

2. Create Notification: On this screen, you can write the copy,  set up the content of the notification, add buttons, images, and see how the notification would look on different browsers and devices.

3. Campaign Summary: This page allows you to give all the details of the notification. Any changes can be made by clicking on the edit icon. 


Click on 'Automation' on the sidebar to see all the automations and get an overview of your automated notifications.

1. Abandoned Cart Recovery

Recover abandoned carts by sending timely notifications to your subscribers.

2. Shipping Notification

Send shipping updates once an order is fulfilled by your online store.

3. Back in Stock Alert

Alert your subscribers when a sold-out product they were interested in is restocked.

4. Price Drop Alert

Alert your subscribers about the price decrease of a product they were interested in.

5. Welcome Notification

Send an engaging welcome message when visitors subscribe for the first time.

6. Browse Abandonment
Send a web push notification reminding visitors about a product they viewed without taking any action on it.


Track the performance of your past campaigns with the help of metrics like impressions, clicks, and revenue generated by them, among others.


The ‘Subscribers’ page shows a report about your subscribers- the subscriber growth, their demographics, their platform, and other relevant data.


Create and send personalized and targeted campaigns to groups of your subscribers based on similar characteristics.


Opt-ins control how your visitors can subscribe to notifications from your store. On this page, you can manage your widgets and choose the ones you want.


On the Integrations page, you can see which apps we integrate with and set up the integration.

Activity Feed

On the Activity Feed, you can view all the changes you've made to your automations, opt-ins, and settings. You can filter to view changes made on specific dates.

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