Segments is an enterprise feature. With this feature, you can divide your subscriber base into groups based on their behavior, device type, customer information, or anonymity. You can craft notifications specific to the particular group of subscribers that you want to market to.

Find all the available segments on this helpdesk.

How to Send Campaigns to Specific Segments

To send a campaign to a particular segment, 

1. Click on ‘Create Campaign’

2. Select the ‘Sending to’ dropdown.

3. Click on the segment you want to send your campaign to.

4. Fill in the rest of the fields.

5. Once you’re satisfied with how the notification looks, click ‘Send’

Another way to send campaigns to a particular segment is from the Segment page. You cannot see this page unless you are on the Enterprise plan.

1. Select ‘Subscribers’ and click on ‘Segments’.

2. Click on the Segment you want to target.

3. Click on ‘’Send Campaign’ on the top right of the page.

4. You will be directed to the ‘Create Campaign’ page and you can craft your campaign specific to that segment.

I want to send notifications that address the customer by their first name. How can I do that?

This paramater is only effective with subscribers whose personal details are known i.e, identified subscribers.

Use the following parameter. You can change the fallback content ("WOW") to a word/phrase of your choice. This allows you to send a campaign with this parameter to all your subscribers. Those whose personal details are known, will receive a notification with their name while anonymous subscribers will see the fallback.

 {{customer.first_name | fallback: "WOW"}} 

I want to send notifications to a new segment (like customers from the US). How can I do this?

Our team will set up this custom segment for you. You can also click on the ‘Request Segment’ button on the ‘Segment’ page to contact our team.

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