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A Checklist to Get Started With PushOwl
A Checklist to Get Started With PushOwl

Here are the first 5 things you need to do once you've installed PushOwl

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Once you've installed PushOwl, here are the first 5 steps you need to take to complete your

When sending web push notifications, your subscribers will be able to see your brand logo within it. This is why you need to upload your logo to your PushOwl dashboard before you start sending campaigns.

If you are on the Enterprise plan, you can add a "Notification Center Icon" so that subscribers on Android can easily recognize your brand when they receive your notification. See how you can add this icon.

Step 2: Customize your browser prompt

Before you start sending campaigns, you need to capture subscribers. With PushOwl, store visitors are shown a browser prompt once they land on your store that gets them to subscribe.

You can customize your browser prompt in a few ways:

  • Add a time delay to your browser prompt so that it is shown to store visitors a few seconds after they land.

  • Add an overlay to provide context to your promotions, promising them a discount for subscribing. To add an overlay message, follow these steps.

Step 3: Set up and customize your welcome notification

You can set up an automated welcome message that can be shown to store visitors once they subscribe. This helps you welcome them to your store, offer a discount, or even just build a positive relationship with them,

Enable your welcome notification and customize the copy to make it sound like your brand and leave a great first impression.

Step 4: Test how campaigns work

It's always best to test out the different features. Follow our Create Campaign Walkthrough and try out the campaign creation process yourself to understand how you can create a web push notification. By testing it out, you can get ideas for different promotions you can send and be well prepared when you do send out a campaign.

Looking for ideas for the kinds of promotions you can send? We listed down a few.

Step 5: Edit your ACR copy

If you've enabled Abandoned Cart Recovery, edit your ACR copy to make it sound like your brand and add any discounts available on your store.

That's it!

Now that you've customized your opt-in message, tested out campaigns, and set up the most important automations, you can start capturing more subscribers and sending promotions to them.

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