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Understand the Opt-Ins page on your PushOwl dashboard.

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An opt-in lets you turn store visitors into subscribers by asking them for permission to send promotions and offers about your product and brands. Once shoppers click on "Allow" to receive these promotions, you can easily send them web push notifications and bring them back to shop.

The 'Opt-Ins' page on your PushOwl dashboard lets you set up subscription methods on your Shopify store. There are 3 options available to you on the Opt-Ins page:

1. Browser Prompt

The browser prompt is the default prompt shown by the browser to get store visitors to subscribe to your web push notifications.

While you cannot customize the browser prompt, you can choose when it appears by changing the opt-in timings.

You can also add a Browser Prompt Overlay that lets you add more context and letting shoppers know why they should subscribe to your web push notifications.

Once you check the 'Enable Overlay' box, the overlay will appear along with the browser prompt.

You can edit the overlay's message:

  • Title: Add a title to the overlay to nudge subscription.

  • Message: You can add more copy within the overlay to explain what the visitor will gain from subscribing.

This is what the browser prompt overlay looks like:

2. Custom Prompt

Some merchants prefer to give context over why shoppers should subscribe before they are shown the default browser prompt. You can provide this context by enabling the Custom Prompt, a customizable opt-in dialog box.

You can customize how the dialog box looks, the button color and text, the messaging, the logo, the placement of the opt-in, and even when it appears.

Read about the opt-in and how to customize it on the Custom Prompt helpdesk.

3. No Prompt

You can also choose not to show the prompt to your store visitors. However, we do not recommend this since you end up losing out on capturing potential subscribers.

Flyout Widget

At the end of the 'Opt-Ins' page, you can enable/disable the flyout widget. The flyout widget is an additional opt-in type which is a great way to subtly nudge subscriptions from store visitors. You can easily customize the message shown within the flyout widget.

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