The 'Opt-Ins' page on your dashboard lets you set up subscription methods on your Shopify store. There are 3 elements you can customize on the Opt-Ins page:

1. Custom Prompt (previously known as 2-Step Opt-In)

When you scroll down, you find more details about the Custom Prompt. Read about the opt-in and how to customize it on the Custom Prompt helpdesk.

2. Browser Prompt Overlay

Once you check the 'Enable Overlay' box, the overlay will be enabled when the browser prompt is shown to store visitors.
You can edit the overlay's message:

  • Title: Add a title to the overlay to nudge subscription.
  • Message: You can add more copy within the overlay to explain what the visitor will gain from subscribing.

This is what the browser prompt overlay looks like:

3. Flyout Widget

At the end of the 'Opt-Ins' page, you can enable/disable the flyout widget. Here, you can also edit the content of the flyout widget. Read more about the flyout widget.

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