The ‘Create Campaign’ page is one of the most important features of the PushOwl dashboard and where you’ll end up spending most of your time. So let’s take a look at the different building blocks of sending a campaign to your subscribers.

1. Sending to: A quick look at how many subscribers you will be targeting with your campaign. Enterprise users can also use the ‘Sending to’ dropdown to select a segment.

2. Title: A catchy title to make your notification stand out.

3. Message: An optional message to give more information to your subscribers.

4. Emoji Keyboard: Select one (or more) emojis from the emoji keyboard next to ‘Title’ and ‘Message’ fields.

5. Primary Link: URL you want your subscribers to land on when they click on your notification.

6. Hero Image: A large image to make your notifications visually appealing.

7. Add different image for mobile: Add an image which suits mobile devices. If you don’t upload a different image for mobile, the hero image you use will be cropped by the subscriber’s device to fit the screen.

8. Add Button: Make your campaigns more interactive with buttons that give subscribers more options.

9. Button Text: Label the button.

10. Button Link: URL you want your subscribers to land on when they click on the button.

11. Notification Preview: The notification preview feature shows an approximation of how your campaign notification will look on different devices.

12. Get Test Notification: Receive a test notification on your device before sending your campaign to ensure that you’re happy with how the notification looks.

13. Advanced: Use additional features like ‘Schedule’, ‘Do a Flash Sale’, and ‘Smart Delivery’ to further fine-tune your campaign. Learn more about them here.

14. Send: Once you are happy with how your campaign notification looks, just hit Send to begin dispatching it to your subscribers.

Note: Campaigns cannot be stopped once you send them. So ensure that you have filled out all the fields and use the ‘Get Test Notification’ feature to check it out on your device before you send it to your subscribers.

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