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Adding Notification Center Icon
Adding Notification Center Icon

Learn about the notification center icon (previously known as "Badges") shown within Android web push notifications.

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The Notification Center Icon is an Enterprise feature, allowing merchants to increase brand recognition within notifications.

Notification center icons are shown on the status bar when an Android device receives a notification. Here's how it looks:

By default, the notification center icon within your web push notifications shows the browser icon.

Due to this, your Android subscribers will not be able to distinguish your web push notifications from notifications sent by other stores or from the browser directly.

By adding an icon to your notification, your Android subscribers will be able to recognize you instantly.

Note: Your icon has to be a 72 x 72 px PNG image with a transparent background. More on this at the end of the helpdesk.

How to Add Notification Center Icon to Your Notifications

1. Go to the 'Settings' page on Your PushOwl Dashboard.

2. Click on 'Upload Icon'

3. You can select your icon from your desktop. Ensure that you've maintained the dimensions required and that the icon has a transparent background.

4. Once uploaded, your dashboard will auto-save these changes.

Your Android subscribers will now see your store's logo within the preview on their status bar! Here's how it would look for your subscribers:

Understanding the Kind of Image to Upload

When uploading your image, ensure it is a 72 x 72 px image with a transparent background. Without a transparent background, the browser will send across as a distorted image to your Android subscribers.

Here's a quick comparison of an image with a transparent background vs one without a transparent background.

The image has a transparent background.

The image does not have a transparent background.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I don't see the Notification Center Icon feature on my dashboard. How do I unlock it?

The Notification Center Icon is an Enterprise feature. Your Enterprise Account Manager or the customer support team can help you to enable the feature on your dashboard.

Question: I have uploaded an image file but it has been removed. Why did this happen?

Only valid image files can be used for the Notification Center Icon. Please make sure to upload a valid PNG image file with the right dimensions (72x72px). For support, please check with our team.

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