Besides all the features available in the basic and business plans, Enterprise plan users get the following features as well:

  • Segmentation - Users can send notifications to subscribers using segments based on subscriber’s device and location, along with targeting buyers and non-buyers separately. More capabilities like segments based on order history, page views, etc are coming soon.
  • Smart Delivery - Increase engagement and conversion by sending notifications to subscribers at the time they are most likely to convert.
  • Strategy Manager - Monthly or bi-monthly calls to dissect the store’s push marketing,  suggest improvements, and create an action plan to grow your sales.
  • Do a Flash Sale - This allows users to create campaigns with an expiry time for time-sensitive deals and events.
  • Integration Engineer - Dedicated tech support for any push marketing related customization you might need.
  • Dynamic Image Optimization - All the images you use will automatically be resized for the best possible fit on your subscriber's device. This is especially important in ensuring the images are not cropped when the screen size is different for different subscribers
  • Custom buttons - Design your own push notification subscription widgets, pop-ups, banners to help you boost your subscriber growth by 2-4X.
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