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Flash Sale

Read how you can use Flash Sale (an Enterprise feature) to add an expiry date and enhance user experience

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Subscribers can receive notifications on their devices only if their device is connected to the internet. Let’s say you want to run a 24-hour flash sale on your store and you send a campaign about it to your subscribers.

All the subscribers whose devices are connected to the internet will receive your notification immediately. But what about the subscribers who come online after the flash sale is already over? They will end up receiving a notification for a flash sale which is no longer live, creating a bad customer experience for the subscriber, and a poor user experience for you.

That’s where the ‘Flash Sale’ feature comes in handy. Set the date and time when you want the campaign to stop being delivered, and PushOwl will ensure that any subscribers whose devices come online after the expiry time has passed, will not receive the notification.

Here’s how you can set an expiry time for your campaign:

1. Click on the 'New Campaign' button to start a new campaign.

2. On the Campaign details page, navigate to 'Campaign Type' and select 'Flash Sale Campaign.'

3. The date picker will appear on the screen.

5. Select the date and time you want the campaign to stop sending.

Once you've finished crafting your campaign, you can review the details of the campaign and make any changes on the 'Summary' page.

On the 'Campaigns' page, all campaigns sent with an expiry date will have a 'Flash Sale' tag on them.

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