Smart Delivery

This advanced feature ensures that your subscribers receive your notification when they are active.

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If you’re operating an online store with customers all over the world, sending a campaign to your subscribers will be tricky. While some of them will receive it during the day, it will be nighttime for the subscribers on the opposite side of the globe.

Furthermore, different people have different purchasing behaviors. Some prefer to do their shopping during the day, while others might be doing it in the evening or at night. So, what can be done to improve engagement & conversions in such situations?

The solution is Smart Delivery, which is available on the Enterprise plan.

Smart Delivery uses machine learning to figure out when your subscribers are active and likely to engage with your notification. Using this data, it breaks down the campaign delivery over a 24-hour period (depending on when your subscriber is most likely to be active) instead of sending it immediately to everyone. This ensures that you get more engagement and conversions with your campaigns.

Simply put, smart delivery ensures that your subscribers receive your notification when they are active. So, if you send out a campaign, this feature sends your notification according to your subscriber's active time. For some, this may be 4 pm EST, and for others, it might be 10 am IST. The delivery is automated and allows your notifications to get the most visibility.

To enable Smart Delivery, 

1. Click on the 'New Campaign' button to start a new campaign.

2. On the Campaign details page, navigate to 'Advanced'.

3. Click on the checkbox to enable smart delivery.

On the 'Campaigns' page, all campaigns sent with this feature enabled will have a 'Smart Delivery' tag on them.

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