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Basic Plan: Perks and Features

What do stores get when they sign up for a free plan on PushOwl?

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Users on the Basic plan have access to the following PushOwl features:

  • Unlimited Subscribers - There is no cap on the number of subscribers your store can have.

  • Notification Scheduling - Users can easily schedule their campaigns ahead of time.

  • Back-in-stock Automation - Users can set up back-in-stock alerts to allow visitors to subscribe to products that are out of stock.

  • Price Drop Automation - Stores can set up price drop alerts to allow visitors to opt-in to receive notifications when the price of a product drops.

  • Basic Reports - View detailed reports on how your campaigns are performing with information about impressions, clicks, and revenue. This will allow you to understand which kinds of campaigns yield the best results and adapt your strategy accordingly.

  • Dynamic Image Optimization - All the images you use will automatically be resized for the best possible fit on your subscriber's device. This is especially important in ensuring the images are not cropped when the screen size is different for different subscribers

  • Chat Support - Instant support available from our team through the Intercom chat.

  • Activity Feed - View all changes you've made to opt-ins, automation, and settings, understand which changes were made on specific dates, and understand its impact.

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