Activity Feed allows you to view every change you've made on the PushOwl dashboard and track which changes impacted your subscriber growth, clicks, and revenue.

Here's how it looks:

Currently, these are the changes tracked within this activity feed: (including changes to copy, time delay, button, and other granular details for each of the features)

  • Abandoned cart recovery

  • Browse abandonment

  • Welcome notification

  • Shipping notification

  • Back in stock

  • Price drop

  • Logo and notification badge changes

  • Opt-in (including time delays, frequency, position, etc)

  • Privacy

Accessing and Using the Activity Feed

Here's how you can access the Activity Feed from your PushOwl dashboard.

1. Click on "Activity Feed" from your PushOwl dashboard.

2. You'll be able to see every change you've made here along with the day and time the change was made.

3. You can also filter changes by date. Click on the "All Time" calendar icon to view the date picker. You can choose to filter by the past 7 or 30 days or pick a custom date range.

Tracking Changes and Dashboard Performance Using Activity Feed

Let's look at a scenario of how you can track a spike in your web push performance and easily track what caused the impact.

You may find that you've suddenly seen a spike in subscriptions on your store.

Looking at your 'Activity Feed', you would find that you changed your opt-in type to browser prompt, causing the prompt to be shown to more store visitors and thus, collecting more subscribers.

You can notice patterns of what could be causing your subscriber growth, or even spikes in clicks and revenue, etc, through the Activity Feed.

You could even track how a specific change impacts growth. For instance, you can make changes to the time delay or the title of your 1st abandoned cart notification and check to see how your CTR or revenue is impacted.

I want to view all changes made for a specific feature, like "Abandoned Cart Recovery". How can I do this?

Currently, you can't filter your Activity Feed by specific features. This will be available in the future.

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