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Automated Push Notification for New Product Release
Automated Push Notification for New Product Release

Setup automated Notifications with Shopify’s marketing Automation when you launch high demand product

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PushOwl is one of the early app partners to have integrated with Shopify’s marketing automation - click here for more details

PushOwl worked with Shopify’s team to create marketing automation templates for templates that are used frequently by our merchants (we are starting with this and more to come)

How does this template work?

The primary use case: The workflow aims at sending an automated push notification when you launch a new product on store (with a product.tag as “push notification”)

Please refer to this link on how to add a product.tags

Getting Started

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Marketing > Automation.

  2. Click Create Automation.

  3. Out of the list of templates (as shown below), please select “Send browser push notification for specific product releases.”

4. Once you select “Send browser push notification for specific product releases” and hit “Use Workflow” → You will be taken to the workflow (as shown below)

5. The workflow and the content to be sent have been pre-configured for you. You can review the push notification by selecting “Edit Web Push” from the right panel.

6. After you review the pre-configured content → Hit “Save.”

7. Now, you can “Turn on the Workflow.”

8. Every time you add a product to your store with status = active and Product Tags as “Push notification”, it will automatically send a push notification to all your subscribers.

9. Voila! You can see the engagement metrics right within your marketing automation dashboard.

✨ Do write to us at for any suggestions or queries

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