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Use PushOwl via Shopify’s Marketing Automation
Use PushOwl via Shopify’s Marketing Automation

Learn how to use PushOwl within Shopify’s admin panel to send automated push notifications seamlessly

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💡 Did you know that Automation is one of the most liked features by the 25 thousand-plus brands using PushOwl?

Digging deep, we found that it is due to its simplicity. With just a button click, you can automate all your push notifications based on your store visitors’ actions.

Shopify’s new marketing automation allows merchants to automate their marketing activities within its admin panel.

PushOwl is one of the earliest app partners to have integrated with Shopify’s marketing automation.

What can you do with PushOwl x Shopify marketing automation integration?

With this, you can send personalised notifications to each subscriber based on their activity. Examples

  • Say you want to update your store visitors about their recent purchases.

  • Or you want to tell them about the new exclusive products you have added to your store.

All this exciting stuff can be done using the power of Triggers and Actions with this new integration (explained below)

Getting Started

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Marketing > Automation.

  2. Click Create Automation.

  3. Click Create custom automation.

  4. You will land on a blank canvas (as shown below)

5. You have to pick a trigger which is displayed on the right panel

⚠️ Triggers are events that start a workflow, read for more details about the trigger

6. Use-case: Say you want to notify your store visitors when an order has been placed and is on its way for delivery

7. In that case, you pick Trigger: “Order paid ” → **Action: “**Select PushOwl” → “Send Web Push” → “Edit Webpush” (as shown below)

8. The Push Notification panel loads and you must enter the details for each field relevant to your campaign → Hit “Save.”

9. You can come back to the marketing automation workflow screen. Now you are all set to take your Workflow live → “Turn on Workflow.”

10. Voila! Your workflow is enabled, and any store visitor who pays for an order will get a Push Notification Powered by PushOwl.

You can always experiment and set up your workflows based on the push notifications you want your customers to receive!

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