You can set up a Google Analytics report to get the click-based attribution for your PushOwl traffic. I have added a few steps how to create such a report here:

1. Go to customisation on your GA and click on the drop-down menu. Select custom reports here. You will be presented with a window.

2. On this page, select flat table.

3. Under dimensions, select 'source/medium' and 'campaign'

4. Under Metrics, select 'revenue', 'users'

5. After you click save, you will get this report.

For reference, here are the UTM parameters we are using in general.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I see orders in my Google Analytics dashboard without UTM parameters that are attributed to PushOwl.

A: Google Analytics is using click-based attribution whereas PushOwl uses impression-based attribution. Therefore the data may vary because of the two different attribution models.

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