Adding UTM parameters

Track the performance of your push notifications in your analytics dashboard by adding UTM parameters to your notifications.

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PushOwl adds a set of UTM parameters to your notifications by default.

UTM source

The default utm_source for all notifications will be 'pushowl'

UTM medium

Depending on the type of notification, PushOwl will add the following utm_medium parameters:

  • Campaigns: campaign

  • Abandoned cart reminders: abandoned_cart

  • Browse Abandonment: browse_abandonment

  • Shipping notifications: fulfillment_complete

  • Back in stock alerts: back_in_stock

  • Price drop alerts: price_drop

  • Welcome notifications: post_subscription

UTM campaign

All campaigns sent from PushOwl contain a unique campaign ID. If the notification was from a campaign, the utm_campaign contains this campaign ID as the parameter (for example: 325975).
For automations like abandoned cart reminders, browse abandonment, shipping notifications, welcome notification, etc. the utm_campaign is the push notification's source_id, which is the name of the automation (for example: browse_abandonment).

UTM Term

A UTM Term (utm_term) is added for notification types that consist of a sequence of multiple notifications. The UTM Term will then indicate the item in the sequence, for example utm_term=reminder_2.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add my own UTM parameter?

If you want to overwrite the default UTM parameters added by PushOwl, simply insert the link with the UTM parameters you want.

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