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We have introduced templates to make campaign creation easier. Our eye-catching, customizable templates are ready to use right out of the box, so you can spin up high-converting campaigns. Templates allow you to get unblocked from the creative process and focus your efforts on growing your business

Access templates

On the notification editor, you will find an option to add campaign templates using the 'Choose from template' button, right at the top of the interface

‘Choose from template’ button that will show a list of templates

Browse templates

Clicking on this button will present you with a list of template options to choose from.

 List of templates to browse and pick from

Choose and apply the template

Go through templates you like and once you've chosen a template you like, click 'Apply' and you'll see the template and its content show up in the notification previews.

Clicking ‘Apply’ on a template will add its content to the editor

Once a template is applied, you will see it being applied to the notifications. There is a ‘Last Applied’ indicator, so you never forget which template you used

Customize template content to personalize it for your customers

Click the x icon to close the templates list and open the editor

Click x to close the template’s list

In the editor, you will be able to edit and tailor the content to suit your needs

Say you want to add a discount code. You can add the discount code in the input field. Maybe add a line about it in the description and voila(!) you are ready to go

Note: After picking a template, if you feel like you want to pick another template. You can choose a fresh one by clicking on the 'Choose from template' button. If you add a new template on top of existing content, it will replace all existing content (text and images) with new content


We have introduced campaign templates to make campaign creation more effortless so merchants can go back to doing what they do best, growing their business. We will be adding more templates for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Diwali, Halloween, Christmas, and many more. Happy campaign creation!

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