If you're sending a campaign about a sale or a discount you want to promote, you can add a discount code to your campaign that's automatically applied at checkout for your subscribers.

Here's how you can add your discount code within your campaign:

1. On the 'Create Notification' screen, add your discount code within the field "Discount Code". If you aren't sure which discount you want to add, you can click on "View All". This will take you to your Discounts page on your Shopify dashboard.

3. You can then fill in the rest of the campaign details and send it out.

What if I add a shareable discount link in the Primary Link?

If you want to paste a shareable discount link, you can add it to the "Primary Link" and the "Discount Code" is pasted in the relevant field automatically.

What will happen if I add a wrong discount code within the "Discount code" field?

Your subscribers will click through and land on your store but no discount will be applied to their cart.

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