Creating Shareable Discount Links

Eliminate the need to copy the discount code with shareable discount links

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Who hasn't gone through the hassle of having to remember a discount code and then applying it at checkout? Make life simpler for your customers by using Shareable Discount Links, a feature that automatically applies the coupon code during checkout.

To create a shareable discount link for a coupon code:

1. Log in to your Shopify dashboard.

2. Click on 'Discounts.'

3. Create a discount code (skip this step if you have already created one).

4. Select the discount code to create a shareable discount link for it.

5. Select 'Promote' to open a drop-down.

6. Click on 'Get a shareable link.

That’s it. You can use this discount link in your campaigns and automated notifications whenever you offer the discount.

Advanced Tips:

By default, a shareable discount link redirects the subscriber to the home page of your online store. But there might be some situations where you want your subscribers to land on a specific page when they click on your notification. To do this, add this parameter at the end of the shareable discount link:

"?redirect=<remaining URL after homepage>"

For example,

For abandoned cart reminders, you can redirect customers to the cart page:

 To redirect to your best seller collection:
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