PushOwl complies with General Data Protection Regulation and gives APIs (Webhooks) to Shopify for data requests. Shopify calls PushOwl's systems when a customer requests for their data access or request to redact their data. The mandatory webhooks from Shopify are documented here.

PushOwl implements the webhooks in following way.

  1. customers/data_request - PushOwl will create a zip file of the Customer data that we have, and send an email to the store owner with that attachment, if any data for that customer is found in our systems.

  2. customers/redact - PushOwl will redact all Personally Identifiable Data (PII) data for that Customer in the systems.

  3. shop/redact - PushOwl will redact all Personally Identifiable Data (PII) information of the store in our systems.

You can read more about PushOwl's GDPR compliance document here, and how you can change Privacy Settings in PushOwl dashboard here.

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