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Understanding the impact of different privacy options available to you

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The ‘Privacy’ tab on the Settings page is dedicated to giving you control over the data you want to collect and allow PushOwl to process on your subscribers’ behalf.

Here’s a detailed look at your ‘Privacy’ options.

Under the 'User' section:

Usage Access: This option directly affects the ability of our support team to diagnose and fix issues you are facing. You can choose to disable this feature if you don't need support access and critical updates regarding your store.

Under the 'Subscribers' section:

IP Address: You have the choice to collect anonymized IP address (with the last octet deleted) or not to collecting any IP addresses.

Geo-location:  This helps you geo-locate your subscribers. You can choose to disable this option, but this will limit your ability to send personalized notifications based on your subscribers' location.

Notification Preferences: You can choose to give your subscribers control over their subscription. If you give your subscribers this option, they can access or delete their data, and even subscribe from your push notifications. Read this article for more information about this setting. 

Subscriber Information Preferences: You can choose to configure how PushOwl stores the Push Notification Subscriber's data. PushOwl uses these subscriber information to power some of the features for your store, like 3rd party App integrations with PushOwl, location based segmentation and configurable push notification content using placeholders.

If you select Hash as the email setting, we use SHA256 hash to encrypt the email ID. That way, we will not be able to read the original email ID and also would be able to power the third party integrations.

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