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Notification Preferences
Notification Preferences

Understand how notification preferences works and how you or your subscribers can access it

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Notification Preferences is a PushOwl feature that allows merchants to provide their subscribers with transparency over their subscriber data.

  • Access Data: Allow subscribers to access and view the data collected.

  • Delete Data: Allow subscribers to delete the data collected about them (like location, name, device type, etc)

  • Unsubscribe: Allow subscribers to unsubscribe from your store's notifications

How Can Your Subscribers Access This?

1. The Notification Preferences tab is shown to subscribers once they click on a web push notification sent from your store. Subscribers can also access the 'Notification Preferences' tab by adding "/?utm_source=pushowl" at the end of your URL.

For instance,

2. Subscribers can then click on the button of their choice.

3. If they click on 'Access Data', they will be shown a form to fill their email address so that they can receive their data via email.

4. If they click on 'Delete Data', they will be shown a confirmation form where they can confirm deleting their subscription data.

5. If they click on 'Unsubscribe', they will be taken to a helpdesk article letting them know how they can unsubscribe from web push notifications.

How to Enable Notification Preferences On Your Store

1. Click on 'Settings' on your PushOwl dashboard and then click on the 'Privacy' tab.

2. Scroll down to find the 'Notification Preferences' section. Click on the toggle to enable it.

3. You can choose which preferences your subscribers can access. You can also customize the text within each button and display the text in your local language.

4. Click on the 'Save' button at the right bottom corner and your changes will be saved.

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