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What cookies does PushOwl create on the store?
What cookies does PushOwl create on the store?
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We create the following cookies on the merchant store:

1. po_visitor

Type: Analytics

Description: We use this to monitor PushOwl related user activity on your website, for ex: A/B testing, prompt triggers, subscription statuses, etc. These analytics aid us in learning more about user preferences and behavioural patterns, so that we can optimize our services.

Expiry: 1 year

Requirement: Optional

2. pushowl_subscription_token

Type: Functional

Description: We set this cookie on the store domain itself to sync the subscriber token across subdomains of the store. This is required in cases where, for example, the main store is on and the checkout is on

Expiry: Session cookie

Requirement: Mandatory

PushOwl integrates with Shopify customer privacy API. If you have enabled the customer privacy settings in the online store -> preferences PushOwl will respect those settings for optional cookies.

You might need to install a separate GDPR banner app to collect that consent

Browser storage

In addition to cookies, PushOwl stores some data in other browser storage. You can read more about it here

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