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What does PushOwl use the browser storage for?
What does PushOwl use the browser storage for?

PushOwl uses Cookies, Local storage and Session storage to keep certain data for functioning properly.

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To support all the features and understand some performance metrics, we store some data in Cookies, Local storage, and Session storage of the store website. The following article explains each data point that we store.


Local storage

  1. pushowl_visitor_token - An anonymous ID to uniquely associate to a visitor. Used to track performance metrics and debugging issues.

  2. pushowl_subscriber_token - This has the subscriber token received from PushOwl when a visitor subscribes. This is used in all subsequent actions taken by the subscriber on the store.

  3. pushowl_subscription - actual subscription received from the browser's push notification service. We store this to validate a new subscription with the old one.

  4. pushowl_back_in_stock_subscriptions - To store all products the subscriber has subscribed for back-in-stock events.

  5. pushowl_price_drop_subscriptions - To store all products the subscriber has subscribed for price drop events.

  6. pushowl_synced_cart_json - stores the cart last synced. This is required to avoid syncing the same cart again and again.

  7. pushowl_synced_customer_id - synced customer ID. This is required to track if a new customer uses the same store on the same browser.

  8. pushowl_ac_events - Stores synced cart responses for debugging purposes.

  9. pushowl_optin_deferred_until - required for the feature to defer the opt-in prompt for a user till a set date.

  10. pushowl_log_level - used to turn on an on-site debugger to debug issues.

  11. pushowl_has_raised_unsubscription_event - used to keep track if the user has been registered as an unsubscriber at the backend or not.

  12. pushowl_is_permission_granted - used to keep track of user's subscription status.

  13. pushowl_original_url_params - stores the query parameters received when the user first visited the store, no matter when. Used for reporting purposes.

  14. pushowl_ab_test_{id}_variation - Used to mark the user as part of ab test variations.

Session storage

  1. pushowl_shopify_config-* - Stores the store config set by the merchant, so that we don't fetch it again and again. Used to decide the functionality to run for the particular store.

  2. pushowl_permission_not_granted-* - Used to keep track if the user dismissed the opt-in in the current session so that we don't show it again.

  3. pushowl_ptin_seen_count - Number of times the opt-in was shown to the user. Used for dashboard feature to limit the number of times opt-in is seen in one session.

  4. pushowl_referrer - stores the referrer to the current page. Used for reporting purposes.

  5. pushowl_landing_page_url - stores the first store page visited by the user. Used for reporting purposes.

  6. pushowl_landing_page_url_params - stores the query parameters received when the current page of the store was visited. Used for reporting purposes.

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