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Customize Revenue Attribution Window
Customize Revenue Attribution Window

Read how you can customize the revenue attribution window for your web push notifications across the PushOwl dashboard.

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By default, a sale is attributed to PushOwl if a subscriber purchases within 72 hours after a push notification is delivered/clicked. This model is based on Google's attribution model. You can read more about it here.

You can customize how revenue is attributed to your web push notifications with these two settings:

  • Attribution action: Choose which action taken by the shopper will qualify the sale to be assigned to web push notifications.

  • Window duration: Select the duration after the specific attribution action within which revenue will be attributed to the specific notification (if a subscriber places an order).

This feature is available for merchants on the Enterprise plan.

How to customize the revenue attribution window

1. On your PushOwl dashboard, click on 'Settings'.

2. Here, you will see 3 tabs. Click on 'Attribution Window'.

3. On this tab, you can choose the specific attribution action and window duration.

For instance, let's say that you chose a 'Click-based' attribution action and selected '72 hours' as the window duration. All purchases from subscribers who clicked on a web push notification and later bought from your store within 72 hours of clicking the notification will be attributed to web push notifications.

4. Click on 'Save Changes' once you've selected your attribution action and window duration.

Your PushOwl dashboard (across all pages and features) will reflect revenue figures based on these specific attribution settings you've chosen. This selected revenue attribution window will be the default settings for any reports you create across the PushOwl dashboard.

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