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Revenue Attribution from Notifications
Revenue Attribution from Notifications

Push notifications are bringing in revenue. But how is the revenue attributed?

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A sale is attributed to PushOwl if a subscriber does a purchase within 72 hours after a push notification is delivered/clicked.

PushOwl borrows its revenue attribution model from Display Ads, where the primary purpose is to re-engage your customers. hence we use the impression based attribution for reporting. However we don't charge on revenue but consumption of impressions.

In case you want to setup revenue attribution via Google Analytics, you can do so by tracking the parameters on your Analytics dashboard. Tracking web push impact to your revenue on Google Analytics is done through clicks. PushOwl, by default, adds UTM parameters in all push notifications dispatched by our system. You can find detailed information about our UTM parameters here.

If you want to set up a custom report on Google Analytics, you can find the step by step instruction to setup Google Analytics here: Setup Google Analytics for PushOwl. Reports in Google Analytics might differ due the difference in attribution model. 

Welcome notifications, Shipping notifications, and notifications triggered by integration partners (,, Loox, etc.) are not considered for revenue attribution. 

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