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PushOwl 101

Understand what web push notifications are and what PushOwl does

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What is a web push notification?

Web push notifications are notifications that appear on a person's device screen (desktop or mobile). They are similar to app notification you receive from apps that are on your phone. The difference is that web push notifications are sent from a website. This is how they look like on an Android phone:

How do web push notifications work?

Step 1: Opting in

If you have enabled web push notifications for your online store, your store visitors will be shown a browser prompt like this:

This browser prompt gets permission from your visitor. When they click 'Allow', they are added to your subscriber list.

If you use PushOwl, you can view these subscribers on the dashboard.

With browsers making it harder to opt-in to web push notifications and making the browser prompt silent for users, it's important that you set up a 2-Step Opt-In. This is a custom widget that can be set up and customized to show a message to your visitors to show the browser prompt to them.

Step 2: Sending marketing messages

Through the PushOwl dashboard, you can send web push notification campaigns about your product offers and sales. The link provided will bring your subscribers back to your store, just like the buttons on the emails you send!

Why do I need web push notifications?

Your favourite shopping apps send you notifications to bring you back to the app to shop or use their services. Set up web push notifications on your store to provide regular updates to your shoppers and make them come back to your online store. 

Many stores use web push notifications because it captures store visitors as subscribers without needing any personal details of the visitor. Visitors are more likely to subscribe to your web push notifications because of this. Moreover, as store owner, it's easier to send cart recovery notifications and recover carts since you don't need personal details of the shopper.

How do I set up web push notifications on my Shopify store?

You can install PushOwl through the Shopify App Store. Once installed, you can start grabbing web push subscribers and sending them marketing messages.

What does PushOwl do?

You can use PushOwl to do the following:

  1. Turn visitors into web push subscribers

  2. Send notifications to these subscribers

  3. Set up automations like Abandoned Cart Reminders that automatically send notifications to shoppers who abandoned their cart.

  4. Integrate with other apps, like, Loox, Growave, Plobal Apps, Shopify Flow, and more.

Can PushOwl send emails or Facebook Messenger messages?

No, PushOwl is used only for web push notifications.

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