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Send personalized campaigns targeted to a group of subscribers based on their behaviour, location, or history.

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Segments is an enterprise feature. With this feature, you can divide your subscriber base into groups based on their behavior, device type, customer information, or anonymity. You can craft notifications specific to the particular group of subscribers that you want to market to.

This helpdesk will allow you to understand the Segments page to better use it. Other resources about segmentation on our helpdesk:

Page Overview:

The Segments page has 3 tabs:

  • Active: These are segments that are active/ available for you to use.

  • In Progress: These are segments that are being processed by our backend.

  • Archived: These are segments that are no longer in use, archived by you.

Default Segments

These are the six default segments that are readily available for merchants to use:

1. All Subscribers
This segment consists of all your subscribers

2. Anonymous Subscribers
Subscribers whose personal details are unknown. These are people who haven’t purchased from your store.

3. Android Subscribers
Subscribers using Android devices

4. Windows Subscribers
Subscribers using Windows devices

5. New Subscribers
Subscribers gained in the last 30 days

6. Identified Subscribers
Subscribers whose personal details are known. These include people who have bought from you.

You can build your own custom segments using the Segmentation Builder. Learn how you can use the Segmentation Builder to create highly targeted subscriber lists.

I want to send notifications to a new segment (like customers from the US). How can I do this?

You can create custom segments using the "Segmentation Builder". You can follow the steps here.

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