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PushOwl integrates with popular apps to streamline workflows and increase efficiency. IntegrationSet up automated web push notifications to be sent when your customers earn rewards.
StorifyMe Integration
EComposer IntegrationDiscover how EComposer integration enables you to add custom buttons to your store and lets shoppers easily subscribe for web pushes.
Wheelio IntegrationCollect more web push subscribers by integrating with Wheelio's interactive "Spin-to-win" pop-ups IntegrationSending review requests with push notifications
TrustSpot IntegrationSend pending review requests with this integration between PushOwl and TrustSpot.
Reputon Reviews IntegrationThis integration help merchant's send review requests to customers via web push notifications.
AVADA Photo Review App IntegrationRead how you can integrate AVADA Photo Review and PushOwl to send review requests via web push. IntegrationSend review requests as web push notifications to shoppers with this integration.
PageFly IntegrationRead about how the PageFly integration lets you add custom buttons on your store to let shoppers easily subscribe to web push.
Alloy IntegrationCombine Alloy and PushOwl to automate push notification sending for individual subscribers or one-off broadcast campaigns.
Nacelle integrationInstructions for developer on how to integrate PushOwl on a Nacelle-powered custom store front ("headless") IntegrationRequesting customers for reviews using push notifications
Ordersify IntegrationIntegrate Ordersify and PushOwl to set up back in stock subscription and send back in stock alerts via web push.
Edgemesh Integration (deprecated March 2021)New Shopify limitation with regards to service workers )as introduced in March 2021) makes the Edgemesh-PushOwl integration non-functional
Back in Stock - Restock Alerts IntegrationAllow customers to subscribe to out of stock products via push notifications
Flits IntegrationHow to integrate with Flits (Customer Account Page + More) and use Flits to send web push notifications about credit updates
Growave IntegrationAllowing you to send push notifications about wishlist updates and request for reviews.
Litefy IntegrationBringing visitors back to your progressive web app with push notifications.
Loox Reviews IntegrationRequesting customers for photo reviews with push notifications
Shogun IntegrationInstructions for developer on how to integrate PushOwl on a Shogun-powered custom store front ("headless")
Now Back In Stock IntegrationSending push notifications about products that are back in stock
PWA by Ampify Me IntegrationPWA transforms your store to perform like app, respond quickly and smoothly.
Restock - Back in Stock IntegrationSend back in stock notification when product is restocked
Plobal Apps IntegrationSend push notifications to your app users as well as your web push notification subscribers with this integration.
How Shopify App Partners Can Integrate with PushOwl SeamlesslyRead how you can integrate your application seamlessly using PushOwl APIs and SDKs.
Automated Push Notification for New Product ReleaseSetup automated Notifications with Shopify’s marketing Automation when you launch high demand product
Use PushOwl via Shopify’s Marketing AutomationLearn how to use PushOwl within Shopify’s admin panel to send automated push notifications seamlessly
How to create a Welcome Email via the Shopify Email appCrafting a Memorable First Impression: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Welcome Email automation with the Shopify Email App
Fera IntegrationSet up automated push notifications based on different triggers.
PushOwl x GemPages IntegrationByline: Say goodbye to tedious setups! Discover how merchants can nail web push notification and collect subscribers in no time.