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In depth feature guide to the new opt-ins feature.

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Welcome to the Opt-In feature, a powerful feature designed to help Shopify brands (merchants) capture and store visitor information and preferences using a single flow. By opting in, visitors grant permission to receive either email, SMS, or web push notifications or all of them from your brand. The collected data is stored securely and can be seamlessly synced with your Shopify store (under the customer's tab) for targeted marketing.

A video of how the feature will look from a store visitor’s POV

This is the first step in PushOwl’s journey to become a truly omnichannel marketing automation tool. This comprehensive doc will walk you through the setup and usage of this feature for effective marketing campaigns.

Setting Up Opt-In flow

1) Accessing the Opt-In Feature

To access the Opt-In feature, log in to your PushOwl admin dashboard and navigate to the 'Opt-in' section. Under the opt-in page, click on the ‘New Opt-In’ button to access the various opt-in flow templates. There’s an exclusive template for each one of your use case (s) 😄

Note: By default, PushOwl would have published the opt-in flow for collecting web push subscribers only

2) About the Opt-In Flow

Select the one that aligns with your brand goals from the list of opt-in templates. Upon clicking, the flow editor opens up, where you can configure the content & targeting details.

Each opt-in flow has two components to it, viz:

  1. Mini-map - Present on the left side, informs you of the sequence and timing in which the forms will be presented to your store visitors (there is one form for each of your channels)

  2. Popups/Prompts - Your store visitors get converted into subscribers (into respective channels - email, SMS and web push) by giving consent through these widgets.

    1. Step 1 - Has fields to collect store visitors’ information

    2. Step 2 - Treat this more like a ‘thank you’ after your visitor subscribers

    3. Teaser - Widget that a visitor can click on to close and reopen a form as they please

3) Personalising the Opt-In Form

You can align opt-in form(s) to your brand's aesthetics and messaging. Customize text, color, images, and messaging to create a compelling user experience.

Note: If you feel you need additional capabilities to your opt-in, please share your feedback with support@pushowl.com, and our swift tech team will add it to their pipeline

4) Publishing the Opt-in Flow

After crafting a personalized opt-in flow, it’s time to take it live. You hit ‘Publish’ to enable this experience for all your store visitors.

PS: If you are already an existing customer of PushOwl, we will migrate your existing opt-in configuration to the new opt-in feature.

Collecting Subscribers

1) Displaying the Opt-In Form

The opt-in form is displayed across all your Shopify store's pages (except product pages) by default. You can control the timing and the frequency of displaying the opt-in forms to your store visitors under the ‘Targeting’ section.

2) Subscribing Visitors

Visitors who opt-in will provide their contact information (email and/or phone number) and preferences (email, SMS, web push) through the form. Our templates ensure your opt-in process is user-friendly and complies with privacy regulations.

3) Subscriber Data Storage

Subscriber data is securely stored within the PushOwl app. You can access and manage this data within the app's dashboard under the ‘Subscriber's page’.

Also, The email and SMS subscriber's data are synced to your Shopify store.

PushOwl follows data protection regulations and recommends you obtain proper consent for communication.

Syncing with Shopify

1) Automatic Sync

The Opt-In feature is configured to automatically sync email and SMS subscriber’s data with your Shopify store. This ensures that you have an up-to-date list of subscribers at all times.

2) Managing Subscribers in Shopify

Subscribers synced with Shopify can be managed in your Shopify admin dashboard. You can use the tool of your choice to send email and SMS campaigns to these subscribers directly from your Shopify account.

Opt-in Analytics

1) Overview

In the first section of the Opt-in screen, you will see the following metrics displayed in as cards:

  • Total Viewer The total number of viewer events is tracked whenever a site visitor views a form. Note that this encompasses the total number of times a form has been viewed, not the number of views per unique user.

  • Total Subscribers The total number of subscriber events is tracked whenever a visitor submits a form. A form with multiple buttons will only count the event when someone submits it.

  • Total Conversion This is the Total Subscribers ratio divided by the Total Viewer number. Note that the Form Submit Rate encompasses when visitors submit, not solely unique profiles.

By default, these metrics will display data from the past 7 days, grouped by day; however, you can configure this depending on how you would like using the date picker.

2) Individual Flow Activity

To analyze the performance of a specific flow, navigate to the ’List of Flows’ → ‘All’ section. Get insights into how each flow performs, identify underperforming flows and know where to focus your efforts to improve.

Note: that a form must have collected some data for analytics to be available

Sending Emails and SMS

1) Email Campaigns

Create and send email campaigns to your subscribers directly from Shopify. Craft engaging content, choose the right timing and leverage your subscriber data for personalized messaging.

2) SMS Campaigns

Utilize SMS marketing to engage with subscribers who have opted in for text messages. Ensure your SMS campaigns comply with regulations and offer value to your audience.

Note: PushOwl is actively working towards bringing in new communication channels - email & SMS. Reply with “Hi 👋” to support@pushowl.com to get a sneak peek before everyone else.

Best Practices

1) Privacy and Consent

Always prioritize user privacy and adhere to data protection regulations. Obtain explicit consent from subscribers before sending marketing communications.

Note: PushOwl adheres to Shopify’s customer privacy API

2) Opt-In Placement

Experiment with different opt-in form placements and designs to maximize conversions. Monitor performance and make adjustments as needed.

Note: PushOwl’s opt-in feature is TCPA and GDPR compliant. PushOwl tracks data only when there is explicit consent from the store visitor.

By following this guide, you can leverage the Opt-In feature to effectively convert store visitors into engaged subscribers, ultimately driving your brand's success on Shopify. Remember to comply with privacy regulations and continuously optimize your opt-in strategy for the best results.

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