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What is a Campaign?

What is a Campaign in PushOwl?

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When managing an online store on Shopify, ensuring timely communication with your subscribers is crucial. Campaigns in PushOwl offer a streamlined way for you to engage your audience with timely and relevant web push notifications. Here's a breakdown of what campaigns are and how they can benefit your online store:

A campaign in PushOwl is essentially a web push notification designed to engage and communicate with your subscribers. This can be about a new product, a sale, or any other update you wish to share.

Benefits of campaigns:

  • Boost Sales and Conversions:

    • Announce Sales: Announce limited-time offers to create urgency, driving instant purchases.

    • Product Launches: Keep your loyal customers in the loop with news about new arrivals.

  • Engage and retain Customers:

    • Personalized Messaging: Segment subscribers and craft tailored messages, increasing engagement.

  • Integrated Reporting with Shopify:

    • PushOwl's reporting is closely synced with Shopify. Monitor impressions, clicks, and revenue attribution seamlessly, understanding how your push campaigns translate to sales and revenue.

  • Maximize Click-Through Rates (CTR):

    • With their relevancy and timeliness, PushOwl campaigns tend to achieve higher CTRs than other marketing mediums. Advanced reporting allows you to see which campaigns garner the most attention.

Let’s take a look at the different building blocks of sending a campaign to your subscribers. Here is how you can Create a Campaign.

Points to Remember:

  • Impressions Count: The number of campaigns you can dispatch depends on the remaining impressions in your account. No impressions? You won't be able to send out new campaigns.

  • Scheduled Campaigns & Impressions: If a campaign is scheduled, but you run out of impressions at the dispatch time, the campaign will be paused. You'll need to top-up your impressions or upgrade to the next tier and then resend the paused campaign.

To sum it up, campaigns are a powerful tool in your PushOwl arsenal, letting you connect with your audience effectively, keeping them informed, engaged, and coming back for more. So, plan, schedule, and keep pushing!

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