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Web push notifications on iOS
Web push notifications on iOS

Step-by-step explanation on how you can "Opt-in" for web push notifications on iOS devices

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Apple’s 16.4 Release notes

💭 With the 16.4 iOS update, Web Push is now supported for Home Screen web apps. Users on iOS and iPadOS can use this feature. More about it 👇

Is PushOwl compatible with web push notifications on iOS devices?

Absolutely! PushOwl fully supports web push notifications on iOS devices with both Google Chrome and Safari browsers.

How to enable the install IOS prompt?

1. Open Opt-ins on the dashboard

2. Scroll down and enable the IOS Prompt

3. Configure the Title and Byline to your preference and hit Save on the bottom right corner

How can I get my store visitors to opt-in for notifications?

Here's a video that walks you through the process

  1. Open the website <> on your iOS device.

  2. The IOS Prompt will appear with instructions for your store visitors

  3. Tap the "Share" icon at the bottom of the web screen and select "Add to Home Screen."

  4. The website will now appear as an icon on your home screen.

  5. Click on the web app icon on the home screen, and a prompt will appear. Tap the ‘subscribe’ button to receive push notifications.

Voila! Your visitors are now subscribers :) They are ready to receive push notifications on their iOS devices. 

Facing any issues? Here are a few quick checks 🔽

  • Make sure you are using iOS 16.4 and above.

  • Please ensure that you have not muted notifications on your iOS devices, examples:

    1. Please check if your device has not enabled “Focus” mode.

    2. Please check if you have Settings > Notifications > Scheduled Summary > OFF.

  • Ensure that you have configured to show the prompt after 5 seconds.

💡 If you continue to have issues, you can contact our support via in-app live chat or

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