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PushOwl Privacy Settings and GDPR Frequently Asked Questions
PushOwl Privacy Settings and GDPR Frequently Asked Questions
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Below are FAQs that we get from our customers related to GDPR and Privacy Settings in PushOwl.

Q: Where are PushOwl's Datacenters located?

A: PushOwl's infra is hosted on multiple cloud providers to bring in resilience in our system. We are on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and on Microsoft Azure. The Datacenters are located in US-East-1 (North Virginia) region for AWS and East US region for Azure.

Q: Does PushOwl store PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data for the store's customers?

A: PushOwl does not store any PII data for store customer, like address, phone number, gender etc. We do store some information about user like their location, email and their name to support some optional features in PushOwl. You can configure how we store those information using Privacy Settings in PushOwl dashboard.

Q: What is the retention period of customer data which is stored in PushOwl?

A: We store the data till PushOwl is installed on the store. Once PushOwl is uninstalled from the store, we redact the customer data stored in PushOwl for that store within the time frame mandated by GDPR and CCPA compliance. [ 48 hours at the time of writing of this article ]

Q: Is there any additional information that PushOwl stores in the cookies of the browser?

A: We do not store any user information in the Cookies of the store. We store the push subscription data and PushOwl's subscriber ID in the localStore of the browser, once the user clicks on allow for Web Push Notification.

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