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Web push notification benchmarks
Web push notification benchmarks

What kind of results can you expect from web push notifications?

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Here are all the average benchmarks for the results you would see with web push notifications:


Merchants see an average of 2.7% opt-in rate (with a range of 2.3% to 5%).

With browser prompt, the average opt-in rate is 6.6% while custom prompt only has a 1.57% opt-in rate. As you can see, there is a 320% increase in opt-ins with browser prompt.

Web push campaigns

  • 3.68% CTR (with a range of 2.3% to 4% CTR)

  • AOV of $162 USD

Abandoned cart reminders

  • 7.4% CTR

  • AOV of $326 USD

Browse abandonment notifications

  • 5.79% CTR

  • AOV of $103 USD

Note: The results you see from web push are based on your strategy, frequency of sending, messaging, etc. We've collated these benchmarks based on 90 Shopify Plus stores.

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