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How to preview your store in android using desktop
How to preview your store in android using desktop
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If you don't have an android device and wan't to check how your store will look in android you can do so using Chrome's dev tools and this is how you do it

  • Visit your store in Chrome in your desktop for example

  • Right click on the page and select "Inspect"

  • On selecting "Inspect" it will open the dev tools in Chrome

  • There you can select the device icon

  • On clicking it will allow you to preview as different devices you can choose one of the device from the dropdown

  • After selecting the device refresh your page

  • To close this view and get back to your normal Chrome click on the close icon of the dev tools

    * Since iOS does not support web push notifications yet PushOwl widgets won't show up if you select iOS device in the dropdown
    * PushOwl widgets might not show up if you are already subscribed to the store

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