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Where does PushOwl store data?
Where does PushOwl store data?
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Persistent storage is bread and butter of any online web application. A good storage gives strong guarantees like Consistency, Availability and Durability. This essentially means that PushOwl's customers can use the tool with high confidence that their data is safe, and can be retrieved on demand. PushOwl uses multiple persistent storage to store their customer and subscriber's data. Below are some of the tools that we use at PushOwl to store our customers and subscribers data.

  1. Azure Hyperscale - This is a relational database (PGSql) which used Citus extension to distribute the data into multiple tenants. This is where most of our transactional data is stored. This is backed by very high degree of security measures in place by Microsoft.

  2. AWS S3 - We use Amazon Simple Storage Service to store our analytics data. We use Athena to query over these analytical data. We do not store any PII (Personally identifiable information) data in our analytical data, and is compliant with most of data security policies around the world.

  3. AWS DynamoDB - We use DynamoDB to store short lived data, with a specific Time to Live.

  4. AWS MSK - We use Kafka to store some data, with some limited retention.

All of our servers are in US-East region.

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