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Migrate/Transfer subscribers within PushOwl
Migrate/Transfer subscribers within PushOwl

How to transfer subscribers from one subdomain to another.

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The Migration of subscribers can be done within PushOwl considering both the subdomains have PushOwl installed on them.

Migration can be done with subscribers from the old store to the new store only if the domain is the same because permission for web push notifications is granted on a domain level.

For Browsers, subscribers from different domains are different. So, even if we migrate subscribers from the old account to the new account, we can not prevent visitors from getting subscribed to the new account. This will lead to duplicate notifications delivered to subscribers for Push Campaigns.


Here's how you go about migrating your web push subscribers from one subdomain to another within PushOwl.

1) Send an email from the store owner's email address to, requesting the migration.

2) The email should clearly state the old subdomain (from which subscribers have to be exported) and the new subdomain (to which subscribers have to be imported).

3)After we receive the email, we will raise a ticket to the tech team to complete the migration.

Sometimes, a merchant may also decide to create another storefront for regional and international customers.


A Norwegian merchant has two stores, one for Norwegian customers and one for international customers. - For Norwegian customers - For international customers
In this case also, since the store domains are different, we can not migrate subscribers from one store to another store.

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