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Still getting subscribers after turning off opt-in
Still getting subscribers after turning off opt-in

Learn about different reasons why you could still be seeing subscriber growth after turning off opt-in on your store

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Say you don't want visitors to subscribe for push notifications on your store and so you disabled the opt-in from the Opt-in settings page. But you still see subscriber growth on the PushOwl dashboard. Here are a few reasons why that could be happening:

1. Other opt-ins still enabled

Your website visitors can also subscribe through automation widgets like Price drop or Back in stock.

So you might want to check if they are enabled or not and take action accordingly.

2. Other Push Notifications app installed alongside PushOwl

Say there is another Push Notifications app installed on your store, and the visitors give push notification permission through that. On subsequent page visits, PushOwl will see that visitor has permission granted and isn't a subscriber on the PushOwl platform. And it will subscribe the user to PushOwl too.

This is a resync feature of PushOwl which is useful when users accidentally delete their site data and lose subscriber data stored in there.

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