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Importing subscribers from another platform to PushOwl
Importing subscribers from another platform to PushOwl

How to migrate subscribers from another platform to PushOwl

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You might be migrating in either of these 3 ways

  • From one Shopify push notification app to PushOwl as a Shopify store.

  • From a non-Shopify app to PushOwl as a Shopify store.

  • From a non-Shopify app to PushOwl while using another eCommerce platform (like WooCommerce, Magento, or BigCommerce) when migrating to Shopify.

How to Migrate Your Web Push Subscribers

At PushOwl, we are currently not importing web push subscribers via CSV upload or FCM project (Firebase Cloud Messaging). Instead, we re-sync your web push subscribers using the "Re-sync feature". This is a superior way of migrating subscribers to PushOwl because it requires no technical support and it makes sure that most of the active subscribers are transferred.

Things to keep in mind: The website needs to have the exact same domain and subdomain. This is because permission for web push notifications is granted on a domain level.

It is very important to have the other web push solution disabled on the frontend, or there will be major conflicts with the service workers.

Here's how you go about migrating your web push subscribers with the re-sync feature:

  1. Disable your prior web push notification tool which includes disabling the subscription opt-in (browser prompt or custom prompt). Otherwise, there will be a conflict with the service workers (the technology used to capture subscriptions for web push).

  2. Send push notifications via the old push notification tool. We typically recommend sending 4-6 campaigns over a period of 4-6 weeks.

Here's how resync works: When the subscribers click the push notification or reach your website again, PushOwl will issue a new token and the subscriber will be subscribed to your web push notifications via PushOwl. Subscribers that previously allowed push notifications via their browser for the specific domain will automatically re-sync when they visit your site and become PushOwl subscribers.

The subscriber will not need to click opt-in explicitly for this— it is done automatically.

Since PushOwl is issuing a new token, the token of the old push notification tool will become invalid.

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