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FAQ About the Custom Prompt (previously known as 2-Step Opt-In)
FAQ About the Custom Prompt (previously known as 2-Step Opt-In)

This help desk answers any questions you have about the opt-in

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The Custom Prompt is a feature that we rolled out in January 2020 to solve the latest browser changes that make browser prompts silent. You can read about the browser changes on our blog in detail.

The Custom Prompt appears at the top of the page like this:

Unlike the browser prompt, the copy within the opt-in and the text and colour of the button can be customised. You can read about enabling and customising the Custom Prompt by following this help guide.

Here are a few questions that are commonly asked about the Custom Prompt.

Q: Does the custom widget of the Custom Prompt annoy my customers and store visitors?

The Custom Prompt is now recommended by browsers like Firefox and Chrome. Else, your prompts are likely to not be shown at all. The custom widget, as a part of the Custom Prompt, will actually allow you to edit your text and customise the widget for your brand; so this will help your store visitors to understand why they should opt-in, bringing you more subscribers of higher quality.

Q: This browser change only affects opt-ins, right? We can still broadcast to our existing list?

Yes, only opt-ins are affected. Sending browser push notifications stays absolutely the same.

Q: What happens if my store visitor dismisses the Custom Prompt?

Once dismissed the store visitor won't see the Custom Prompt again during their session on your online store. When they visit the next time, the opt-in will be shown to them.

Q: Is this browser change only for USA or the EU?

The Custom Prompt is not related to specific markets or regulations (such as EU’s GDPR). PushOwl’s Custom Prompt is a subscription procedure to adhere to best practice for web push subscription and opt-in.

Q: How do we know if we have a high block rate? 

Chrome has given no data or indication on what they consider a high block rate. We highly recommend that every merchant switches to Custom Prompt to avoid high block rates as of now (until we have more data insights).

Q: Is there any way (within the PushOwl dashboard) for us to see if our historical “block” rate is “high”?

We are planning on adding this data for block and accept rates to your dashboard in the mid-term. Currently, you will not be able to check your block and acceptance rates.

Q: When will this browser change take effect?

Chrome is introducing changes with Chrome 80 which will be released on 4th of February. You can find Chrome’s release schedule here.

If you still have any doubts, reach out to our support team for help.

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