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Automated Push Notification for Loyalty Rewards - LoyaltyLion Integration
Automated Push Notification for Loyalty Rewards - LoyaltyLion Integration

Learn how you can set up a Shopify Flow for loyalty points

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One of the best ways to deliver short and instant updates to your customers is by using push notifications. With the integration between Shopify Flow and PushOwl, you can now set up automated push notifications to send updates to your customers about their activity.

You can send web push notifications based on a customer's loyalty points. When the customer achieves the loyalty condition you have set, they receive the web push notification. Here’s how you can set up a push notification for loyalty points:

1. Click on ‘Shopify Flow’ from the ‘Apps’ page on your Shopify dashboard

2. Click on ‘Create Workflow’

3. Click on 'Select trigger' and scroll down the list to find 'Customer has enough points for reward'

4. Click on 'Add Action'

5. Scroll down the list of actions to find 'Send Push Notification'

6. Fill in the fields to set up the push notification message.

  1. Customer Email: {trigger.customerEmaill}}

  2. Title for Push Notification: ‘Rewards galore!’

  3. Message for Push Notification (optional): ‘You have earned enough points for a special reward. Find it now!’

  4. Primary Link: Add the URL to the loyalty updates page

  5. Image (optional): (You can leave this field empty.)

7. Click ‘Save’ once you’re done.

8. Name the workflow 'Loyalty Reward Eligibility - Web Push' and save.

9. Click on the switch at the top right to enable the automation.

Here’s what the workflow will look like:

You can download the workflow here:

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