Billing FAQs

Everything you need to know about billing for your PushOwl plan.

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When do impressions reset?

All plans on PushOwl come with a fixed impressions limit which can be consumed in a calendar month. PushOwl's impressions reset always on the beginning of the first of the month (UTC time).

How do I get charged when I change my plan?

The billing cycle is determined by Shopify itself so you will get charged by Shopify every month on a pro-rated basis. The charge is usually applied at the end of the month and comes in your invoice under App Section. This is not the same date as the impression reset.

What happens when my impressions get over?

Subscribers: PushOwl will still keep collecting subscribers since all plans have unlimited subscribers.

Campaigns: Your scheduled campaigns will not be sent if at the time of sending you have exceeded your impression quota. If you upgrade to a higher plan, or when your impressions reset in the next billing cycle - you can resend or archive the paused campaigns.

What is the refund policy?

For first time paid customers, we have a 30 day no-questions asked refund policy. 

I have clicked an Upgrade Link to upgrade PushOwl to a new/higher plan, yet I am brought to my Shopify Admin (not to the Shopify Charge page to upgrade).

Only Account Owners can confirm new charges and upgrade/change the plan. Please ask the account owner to take care of the upgrade.

I am the account owner, but clicking the Upgrade Link still leads me to the Shopify Admin.

There can be issues with the Shopify Authentication. Please try to use the upgrade link in an incognito window. This will require you to login again via Shopify, thereby updating your authentication.

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