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Automated Push Notification for Low Stock Alert
Automated Push Notification for Low Stock Alert

Set up automated push notifications with Shopify Flow to let shoppers know when their wishlist item is low stock.

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Want to let your shoppers know when their wishlisted items are running out? By sending them an automated web push notification about their wishlisted item's low stock, you can convert them quickly.

Here’s how you can set up this workflow:

1. Click on ‘Shopify Flow’ from the ‘Apps’ page on your Shopify dashboard

2. Click on ‘Create Workflow’

3. Select ‘Add Trigger’ and click on 'Customer's wishlist will be sold out soon'.

4. Select 'Add Action' and click on 'Send push notification'.

5. Fill in the fields as mentioned below or customize it according to your needs.

  1. Customer Email: {{}}

  2. Title for Push Notification: '{{trigger.productonetitle}} is running low!'

  3. Message for Push Notification (optional): ‘Grab it before it goes out of stock!’

  4. Primary Link: '{{trigger.productoneurl}}'

  5. Image (optional): (You can leave this field empty.)

6. Click ‘Save’ once you’re done.

7. Name the workflow ‘Low Stock Alert’ and click ‘ Save’.

8. Click on the switch at the top right to enable the automation.

Here’s what the workflow will look like:

Note: This Shopify Flow only works if the wishlist app has sent the email update to the customer first.

You can download the workflow here:

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