Use these placeholders to personalize your web push notifications. Add these placeholders within your web push campaign to make your push notifications more personal.

How to Add Placeholders

You can add the placeholder within the title or the message as shown below. Change the fallback according to your message.

This is how your web push notification would look, with the placeholder and with the fallback:

General Placeholders:

1. {{customer.first_name | fallback: "WOW"}} -  Placeholder for the name of the subscriber. If the subscriber is anonymous and their name is not in your database, they will see the fallback text.

For Price Drop and Back in Stock Alert:

1. {{product_name}} - Placeholder for the name of the product that the visitor has subscribed to.

For Price Drop Alerts:

1. {{subscribed_price}} - Placeholder that shows the original price of the product when the visitor first subscribed to alerts about it.

2. {{current_price}} - Placeholder that shows the new price of the product after the price drops.

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