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Automated Push Notification for Repeat Customer Offer
Automated Push Notification for Repeat Customer Offer

Set up automated push notifications with Shopify Flow to send a special discount to repeat customers.

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Want to reward your repeat customers? Set up an automated push notification that sends a discount to your customers based on their order count. This is a great way to get customers to come back and to show your gratitude towards your loyal customer base.

Here’s how you can set up this workflow:

First, create the discount code.

1. Click on ‘Discount’ and click on ‘Create discount code’.

2. Fill in the different fields on the page.

3. Scroll down to specify customer eligibility. 

  1. Click on 'Specific groups of customers' and from the dropdown, click on 'Returning'.

  2. Under 'Usage Limits', click on 'Limit to one use per customer'.

  3. Specify an ‘End Date’ for the discount code if you want.

4. Click on ‘Save Discount’.

5. After you’ve saved the discount, you can get a shareable link by clicking the button available on top.

6. Click on ‘Copy Link’ to use it within the automated push notification.

Next, set up the push notification to automatically send discounts to repeat customers:

1. Click on ‘Shopify Flow’ from the ‘Apps’ page on your Shopify dashboard

2. Click on ‘Create Workflow’

3. Select ‘Add Trigger’ and click on ‘Order Created’

4. Select ‘Add Condition’ and click ‘Orders Count’ from the first dropdown.

5.  In the second dropdown, click on ‘is equal to’ from the options.  (This is because using the ‘greater than’ option will send this push notification to the customer every time they purchase)

6. Enter the number of orders at which you want to reward repeat customers. 

7. Select ‘Add Action’. 

8. A sidebar will appear on the right. Scroll down to find ‘Send Push Notification’.

9. Fill in the fields as mentioned below or customize it according to your needs.

  1. Customer Email: {{}}

  2. Title for Push Notification: ‘Here’s a special something for being our best customer!’

  3. Message for Push Notification (optional): ‘Enter code ‘20OFF’ on your next checkout. Click to get the discount!’

  4. Primary Link: Paste the shareable link that you copied earlier.

  5. Image (optional): (You can leave this field empty.)

10. Click ‘Save’ once you’re done.

11. Name the workflow ‘Loyal Customer Discount Push’ and click ‘ Save’.

12. Click on the switch at the top right to enable the automation.

Here’s what the workflow will look like:

You can download the workflow here:

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