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Automated Push Notification for Product Delivery Update
Automated Push Notification for Product Delivery Update

Set up automated push notifications with Shopify Flow to update customers when their order has been delivered.

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Another quick update that can enhance your customer’s experience with your store is to send a push notification updating them about their order delivery. Use Shopify Flow to set up this automated push notification.

Here’s how you can set up a push notification to confirm an order delivery:

1. Click on ‘Shopify Flow’ from the ‘Apps’ page on your Shopify dashboard

2. Click on ‘Create Workflow’

3. Select ‘Add Trigger’ and click on ‘Order Fulfilled’

4. Select ‘Add Condition’. 

5. Click on ‘Display Status’ from the first dropdown.

6.  Select ‘is equal to’ from the second dropdown.

7. Select ‘Delivered’ from the third dropdown.

8. Select ‘Add Action’.

9. A sidebar will appear on the right. Scroll down to find ‘Send Push Notification’.

10. Fill in the fields as mentioned below or customize it according to your needs.

  1. Customer Email: {{}}

  2. Title for Push Notification: ‘Your order has been delivered’

  3. Message for Push Notification (optional): ‘Enjoy and let us know what you think!’

  4. Primary Link: Select ‘Add Template Variable’ and click on ‘Url’ to take customers back to the store.

  5. Image (optional): (You can leave this field empty.)

11. Click ‘Save’ once you’re done.

12. Name the workflow ‘Order Delivered Push’ and click ‘ Save’.

13. Click on the switch at the top right to enable the automation.

Here’s what the workflow will look like:

You can download the workflow here:

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