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Flyout Widget

Understanding how and when to use Flyout Widgets

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A flyout widget is a collapsed widget that is shown as a bell icon at the left corner of the storefront. when clicked on, it expands to show a message to subscribe. Here's what a flyout widget looks like:

But, why do you need to use a flyout widget? Visitors usually need to agree to receive notifications through the browser prompt. The browser prompt gives visitors an option to either ‘Allow’ or ‘Block’ push notifications from the online store.

But the browser prompt has two drawbacks:

1. They are not customizable. This limits you from encouraging your visitors to become subscribers by offering them discounts or other incentives.

2. It’s difficult to re-subscribe. Sometimes visitors block notifications when they are visiting an online store for the first time, but they might change their mind later. Since the browser prompt doesn’t pop up again if the visitor blocked it, you potentially lose out on gaining more subscribers. 

However, there is a workaround to this problem - the Flyout Widget. To make sure you have the chance to convert every visitor on your store, the Flyout Widget allows you to show a custom message to your visitors, which asks them to subscribe to your notifications. 

Setting Up Flyout Widgets

To enable the flyout widget on your store:

1. Click on 'Opt-Ins' from the left sidebar.

2. Scroll down and enable the 'Flyout Widget.'

3. You can change the position of the widget and its color.

4. To customize the message within the widget, you can edit the following fields:

  1. Message before subscription: Visitors see this message on your online store before subscribing

  2. Message after subscription: This is a confirmation message shown after subscribing.

  3. Button to subscribe: This button is a call-to-action to get the visitor to subscribe.

5. You can also enable the overlay for the browser prompt and customize the text shown within it.

6. You can preview how the flyout widget would look on your store on desktop or mobile through the preview section on the right.

How can a visitor become a subscriber if they block notifications?

If a visitor had already blocked notifications when the browser prompt first came up, the prompt wouldn't be shown again. In this case, the flyout widget can convert these visitors into subscribers. If a blocked visitor clicks on the flyout widget, they will see a hint screen with steps to on how they can subscribe.

When should I use only the browser prompt and disable the flyout widget?

You might be using different apps which take up the same space as the PushOwl widget. In this case, it's better to disable the widget and use only the browser prompt to give your visitors a better experience.

Will the flyout widget always appear on the store?

No. the flyout widget does not appear in Incognito or private browsing modes. These browsers do not support web push notifications since they block browser prompt entirely, so showing the flyout widget doesn’t offer any benefit in this case.

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