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Sending push notification campaigns through the New Campaign button.

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Sending push notifications to your subscribers is very easy but brings great results. Here’s how you can do it: 

1. Click on the 'New Campaign' button to start a new campaign.

2. On the Campaign details page, fill in the following details

  1. Sending Options: Select whether you want to send as soon as the campaign is created or if you want to schedule the campaign.

  2. Campaign Type: Select whether you want to send a regular campaign or send a campaign with an expiry date on it (Flash Sale).

  3. Segments: If this feature is available to you, you can select the segment you want to send the campaign to.

  4. Smart delivery: If this is available for you, you can choose to send the campaign to your subscribers during their active hours.

Note: When you select 'Flash Sale' or 'Schedule', a date picker will appear so that you can set the expiry date (for Flash Sale) or set the date you want the campaign to go out (for Schedule).

Click on 'Continue' once these details are filled.

3. On the 'Create Notification' page, fill in the copy, image, and buttons for the notification.

  1. Title: Add a title for the notification.

  2. Message: Add a text explaining more about the message.

  3. Click on the 'emoji' icon next to Title or Message to add an emoji to your text.

  4. Primary Link: Add the link you want your subscribers to be taken to.

  5. Desktop Hero Image: Upload a hero image to be shown to desktop users (Windows)

  6. Mobile Hero Image: Upload a hero image to be shown to mobile users (Android)

  7. Mac Hero Image: Upload a hero image to be shown to Mac users

  8. Add button: Click on 'Add button' to add up to 2 buttons to your notification.
    i) Title: Add the button text here to get subscribers to take action.
    ii) Primary link: Add the link you want your shoppers to be taken to from this button.

  9. Logo: You can change the logo that appears within the notification (This is a temporary change, and will be shown only for the notification you have edited it for).

  10. See Live Preview: You can test out the notification yourself by clicking 'Get Test Notification' once the notification is completely drafted.

Click on 'Continue'.

4. Finally, on the 'Summary' page, you can review the campaign to ensure all the details are correct. Once you've reviewed it and fixed any typos, click 'Send' or 'Schedule' and the notification will be sent/scheduled to be sent.

For ideas on the kinds of notifications you can send, here's a list on the 14 Types of Push Notification Campaigns To Drive Higher Sales.
Feel free to reach out if you need any help in creating awesome campaigns!

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