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Why do I see a banner saying - Additional Permission Required
Why do I see a banner saying - Additional Permission Required
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As of 7th May 2024, If you see a banner on your dashboard's homepage, it's because PushOwl needs additional permissions to serve you better.

Why does PushOwl need additional permissions?

PushOwl will need the additional permissions to sync customer events on the thank you page to our systems. This allows us to give you a better view on the revenue you generate via us.

PushOwl will require two new permissions

  1. Write pixels: To insert our tracking snippet into the store

  2. Read customer events: To track customer events

When you click Allow Access you'll be taken to Shopify admin's permission page where you can grant the required permission with the Update button


  • PushOwl doesn't actually read customer tags, but since we have access to read customer events, Shopify mentions that we could potentially access tags if needed.

  • This new tracking is compliant with Shopify privacy API. So if you use any GPDR banner this tracking won't get triggered till the visitor consents to that banner

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