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Opt-in FAQ's

List of all the FAQ for the new opt-ins feature

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1) What are all the channels for which I can collect subscribers?

As a merchant, one can collect store visitor's email, SMS, and web push notifications.

2) What are opt-in flows?

  • Opt-in flows allow merchants to streamline their subscribers (for email, SMS, and Web push notifications) using a single tool, i.e., PushOwl.

  • The various opt-in forms (AKA popups) for respective channels are organized sequentially, i.e., one after the other in a flow.

3) Using PushOwl, I'll only be able to send Push Notifications. So, if I collect email and SMS subscribers, how do I reach out to them?

  • PushOwl's Opt-in feature acts as a list-growing tool - Where merchants can collect all their channel's (Email, SMS, and web push notifications) subscribers under a single roof.

  • After that, PushOwl syncs Email and SMS subscribers to the merchant's Shopify portal.

    • It should be available under the “Customers” tab on your Shopify Portal.

  • You can sync the data from Shopify's Customer tab to any preferred Email/SMS tool of your choice

Note: We are soon bringing out the capability to send Email/SMS within PushOwl. Reach out to us at, and we shall add you to the early access list.

4) How does the analytics work for the new opt-in flow?

Side Note - If you have been an existing customer of PushOwl, then you would know that the most requested feature has finally come out alive 🚀

  • There are two levels in which one can track the performance of the new Opt-in feature.

    • Individual level:

      • Since, at a given point in time, a merchant can have only one opt-in flow enabled, One can track, viz:

        • The number of store visitors who viewed the Opt-in forms

        • The number of subscribers (ones who submitted the form)

        • The overall conversion rate

    • Overview level:

      • In a given time range, This provides the merchant with a bird's eye view of how has their opt-in flow performed

      • It is calculated by the summation of the individual opt-in flow that was or is still active in the given time range.

5) How can I create new opt-in flows?

  • You can navigate to “Opt-in” under the PushOwl dashboard → Click on the “New Opt-in” button on the top right corner

  • You will be displayed with a list of templates.

    • The templates displayed are a combination of the various channels you could potentially collect subscribers for

  • Please select your desired template and customise it as per your brand preference

  • Note: We have currently limited the customisation capability to content (text and image) for the simplicity of the feature

  • Hit Publish & Voila; your new opt-in flow is NOW LIVE 🔥

6) I am an existing customer of PushOwl. Can I still use the new Opt-in flow feature?

  • Short answer - YES!

  • We are migrating the configurations of our existing customers to the new feature (with the new & feel) to ensure there is no interruption in the app's usage.

  • If you still have any doubts with regard to the usage, please drop us a note at

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